Pasta Boat Makes Spaghetti Night a Success

“I have had my eye on the PastaBoat from the moment I first saw the commercial on TV” says Melissa as she begins her review of the Pasta Boat for Fun Saving Money.  “I am all for trying things out that make cooking and cleanup much easier.”

Melissa then takes her readers on a step-by-step review of the Pasta Boat noting many of its’ features including the cool-to-touch handles that also act as a measuring tool.

The review is concluded by mentioning its’ usefulness in cooking a family spaghetti dinner.  “I am so glad I got the chance to finally try the PastaBoat out because it has made spaghetti night much easier with cooking and cleanup.”

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The Pasta Boat Helps a Reluctant Cook

A Massachusetts mother and daughter see a commercial for the Pasta Boat while exercising at their local gym and decide to try one.

“So far I am pleased with its performance,” the mother says.   I have steamed broccoli and yellow beans, in the microwave, with great results.”  She then decides to make some pasta.  “Surprisingly the pasta didn’t clump together….The cover also serves as a strainer. Saves me digging out another thing to clean.”

This reluctant cook is happy with her trial.  “If this Pasta Boat can get me to cook there must be something to it!”

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Virginia Working Mother Reviews the Pasta Boat for Local TV Station

A Virginia Beach working mother, Deb Harvey, recently reviewed the Pasta Boat for her local television station, KVUE.   The article lists all the instructions for the Pasta Bowl and even includes information on how to store leftovers or defrost food.

The article concludes by saying Harvey “liked that it takes her about ten minutes less to make her pasta in Pasta Boat than it does the way she normally does it on the stove.”  Harvey also thinks “the fact that she can also use it to steam vegetables and more…is another big plus….”

Perhaps Harvey’s biggest endorsement, however, involves her children and she says the Pasta Bowl is so simple “it’s something her teenage son could use.”

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The Pasta Boat Explained

We all know that there are many steps one must take to make pasta. These steps include fumbling with large pots, boiling water, cooking the pasta (which can easily be under or over cooked),straining the pasta and possibly getting burnt, mixing in sauce, serving it, and finally storing it. With Pasta Boat, all these steps can be done in one pot with ease. wrote an article that understands the hassle of making pasta and addresses the problem with the Pasta Boat. “You will get perfect pasta each time without all the headaches and hassles usually connected to making pasta. To utilize the Pasta Boat all you have got to do is pour in your pasta, fill in to the serving line, and then put it into the microwave and set the timer. It’s that simple.”

Pasta Boat can cook, serve, and store over and over again.

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Pasta Fast & Easy with Pasta Boat posted a review and a how-to guide about the Pasta Boat. It points out what the 5-in-1 kitchen tool consists of including what the steamer rack can do.

“Add the clever steamer rack and delight іn tаѕtу baked potatoes or vegetables I like it for cold pasta salad.”

The Pasta Boat is perfect for making pasta the quick and easy way. There will be no more thought of desiring pasta but not wanting to go through all the steps to make it.

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Pasta Boat Relieves the Chore of Making Pasta

Many of us face the problem of making pasta and all the procedures we need to go through. There is juggling large pots around, boiling the water (which may end up being too much or too little), cooking the pasta, straining it, putting it in another pot to mix the ingredients, serving it, then storing the leftovers.

Cooking pasta is a hassle to say the least and fellow food lover agrees on But what is a great way to have excellent pasta every time without the chore of making it? It’s Pasta Boat!

“The Pasta Boat is a microwave pasta maker. Rather than using huge pots and pans, all you have to do place your favorite pasta in the Pasta Boat, add water up to the indicated serving line, and keep in the microwave,” posted on

Also mentioned in the post, instructions on how to use the Pasta Boat.

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Pasta Boat Review reviewed the Pasta Boat. It begins with pointing out the hassles of making pasta and how many steps are involved. Then the post says that Pasta Boat is the perfect solution.

“With the Pasta Boat – Microwave Pasta Maker, cooking pasta will be so much easier than it has ever been. It works fabulously with all kinds of pasta: penne, rigatoni, macaroni, and even shells. Your pasta won’t tear like it sometimes does when transferring the pasta from boiling pot to another bowl. Pasta will be cooked just right — right inside your Pasta Boat – Microwave Pasta Maker.  Just put your pasta inside, add water, place in the microwave and set the timer. The microwave ensures that the pasta is cooked evenly on all sides. One side of the foldable lid which allows you to drain the water once the pasta is cooked. Mix all other ingredients in and serve it up in the very same container. How convenient!”

Make sure you read the full review.

The review is posted here.

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Pasta Boat is the Easier Way to Make Pasta

Do you love pasta but hate all the work that goes into making it? Pasta Boat is the answer. has an article about the Pasta Boat.

“Best of all, it allows you to cook perfect pasta right in the microwave so you don’t have to worry about boiling the water yourself, use multiple pots, getting the temperature right, or getting the timing right.” It goes on to say, “With the Pasta Boat you can cook tons of different pasta dishes quickly and easily. First you just pour in your favorite pasta in the Pasta Boat. Next you pour in water until it reaches the serving line.”

The story then tells you how to use the Pasta Boat and all its features. Finally, a general overview and why it would be great for any kitchen is mentioned.

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5 Reasons to Buy the Pasta Boat

Are you looking for reasons to buy the Pasta Boat?

Well John Newcomb from has five. John first points out that cooking pasta can be a hassle. “Don’t let the cute name fool you though; the Pasta Boat is a pasta maker like no other. It promises to give you the authentic taste of pasta without any of the hassles usually associated with cooking it. So, all you pasta lovers say goodbye to the huge boiling pots, burnt fingers, and all the problems pasta chefs are intimately familiar with.”

John’s five reasons are a must read if you’re considering buying the Pasta Boat.

You can read his reasons here.

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Pasta Boat for the Bachelor has a story written about the Pasta Boat from a bachelor’s point of view. At first, a humorous idea of an actual pasta boat is introduced.

“You gotta love the name of this new product: ‘The Pasta Boat.’ That’s my two favorite fantasies combined in one: a world cruise and all-you-can-eat pasta. Who wouldn’t want to go on a Spaghetti Cruise? Or a chicken alfredo yacht?”

The article goes on to say later that the Pasta Boat is the ideal tool in the kitchen for the average single guy. This is because it’s quick, easy, and doesn’t require much cooking experience. Plus, you can store it in the same container that it was cooked in so saving leftovers has never been easier. The article advises you that if you’re looking for a cruise, you should seek out a different kind of boat but for a quick and tasty meal, the Pasta Boat is perfect.

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